Waterbath (Chiller) Stabilizers and Corrosion Protection

ThermoClean is the original brand name of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Bioanalytic GmbH, Germany. 

hermoClean DC is the defacto standard in biological stabilization of water circulation systems (water baths, thermostats, chillers, etc.) since 1978. Is is recommended and used by many leading equipment manufacturers.

ThermoClean DC is the original product and is offered also under various product names from equipment manufacturers worldwide.

ThermoClean DC is extremely economical, thereby very inexpensive and can be used e. g. for: Water baths and circulating thermostats, circulating coolers (chillers), helium ion microscopes, scanning electron microscopes, transmission electron, microscopes, electron beam technology, nanotechnology, ion accelerators, research, X-ray devices, mass spectrometers, car engine development, air and space technology and many others.

Mandatory information pursuant to article 72 paragraph 1 of the EU regulation 528/2012: Biocidal products use with care! Always read label and product information before use.