Occupational safety and health of our employees, business partners and product users arecrucial task and an integral part of our corporate policy.

The wishes, suggestions, criticism and discomfort of our customers are very important to us. These give to us the possibility to hold our high quality demand and to protect the satisfaction of our customers.

We are glad if you support us by feedbacks actively and constructively in this process.
For this please use our email (de|en).

Company Guidelines

In-house Safety

Compliance and possible improvement of the in-house safety is the responsibility of all employees. The managers encourage this as a role model and provide the necessary resources.

Product Safety

We provide our customers and product users reliable products with the appropriate documents. Especially our product information and operating instructions refer to any known hazards. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are kept up to date and are published on the Internet portal by a product lifetime valid identification number (sds-id). Access is via the Internet by using the product label and/or the product information.

Continuous Improvement

Where possible, we improve the safety in all processes by continuous adaptation and updates.