In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Special: Analyzer Specific Reagents

Analyzer compatible system reagents for laboratory diagnostics (in-vitro diagnostics).

All of our in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) are compliant with the European IVD Directive 89/79/EG and are labelled with the CE mark.

Biorapid GmbH has a quality management system (QMS) and operates according to the following standards:

  • DIN EN ISO 13485 / IVD-Directive 98/79/EG.
  • DIN EN ISO 09001

We guarantee for perfect function of our reagents until the expiry date stated on the label. Our products are produced for the use referred in the description and are subject to a continuous quality control.

Inquiries from second-hand device distributors, dealers and importers from all over the world are welcome!

As far as brands® and trade marks™ are mentioned here or within the menu categories, these are property of the respective manufacturer of the device.


Our device-specific system reagents are suited precisely to the requirements of the respective devices and are 100 % compatible in the use compared to the original reagents. They are at least equivalent to or often a even higher quality.

We guarantee for perfect function of our reagents and offer a money-back guarantee!

Usually our reagents are considerably cost-saving.