pH Reference Buffer Solutions

pH reference buffer solution.

  • DIN 19266
  • stabilized
  • certified

Use as calibration standard for precise measurements. Manufactured according to DIN 19266. These buffer solutions typically serve as reference to other buffer solutions.

Not stabilized and/or sterile pH reference buffer solutions are also available on request. Each pack contains a pH/temperature table, more are available on request. Quality analysis certificates are available for free on request.


It ist generally not recommended to use these pH reference buffer solutions for common laboratory or technical measurements, nor with polyacrylramide gel filled electrodes, which usually have a strong drift in the 3rd decimal place. Instead ideally use our pH buffer solutions according to DIN 19267 with higher buffer capacity and thereby significantly lower susceptibility. These premium reference solutions are also stabilized against micro-organismal growth and are therefore permanently protected even after opening! Stabilized pH buffer solutions are intended exclusively for pH calibration.

The pH of the following buffer solutions corresponds to the DIN 19266:2000. Any deviations in the last decimal place to previous values are due to the changed standard and not due to the buffer solutions.