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In case of emergency, we recommend you to immediately seek medical advice or contact a poison control center and present this safety data sheet (SDS).

Our emergency number and emergency information is available during normal business hours.

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Safety Data Sheets

Bioanalytic GmbH participates in the international services of SDS-ID International ( There you will find all safety data sheets by international and lifetime valid SDS-ID (safety data sheet identification number).

Direct references to our safety data sheets (SDS) can be found as follows:

  • Label (optional)
    You can find the direct link (URL) and/or a QR code to your SDS below the SDS-ID logo on the product label (Example:
  • Product information
    You can find the direct link (URL) and/or a QR code to your SDS also in our product information soon.
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
    SDS include the SDS-ID in Section 1.1 since 2012.
  • Internet
    Search for your desired product on our website under products or use our search. In the tab "Safety Data Sheets" of the product page you will find the SDS-ID for the product, which takes you directly to the safety data sheets.

Safety data sheets are specific to the product of the named manufacturer. It's not legally permitted nor is it possible to use this SDS for products which do not originate from the same manufacturer.


Our safety data sheets (SDS) are protected by copyright. However, copying and duplication in the context of your own use of the products is permitted without any limitation, both on paper as in operational networks (intranet). Their distribution, publication and their dissemination to third parties is prohibited. Thus, the publication on the Internet is not permitted. This is also valid for so-called service providers. Instead, only a direct link to the SDS is permitted in the format [xxxxxx-x = SDS-ID of the product].